@toady Good morning. Yes I have a Meta Quest. I am currently playing Climb 2 in which you literally free climb different mountain ranges. It gets you moving your arms, bending etc and I do get hot doing it sometimes. The views are absolutely amazing as the 360 graphics are brilliant. I do also do a simple gym one and then I have a couple which involve moving and placing objects and dancing. I don't feel sick with it even on the rollercoaster but it's very, very realistic and some folk forget that, and therefore it can make them feel dizzy. I tried one at at Sandbox VR and enjoyed it ever since. Hope you're having A good day.


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    My grandson has one. He and his Dad are very sportty - baseball, golf, football etc. My son wanted to get me one. Said it'd be good, fun exercise. But you don't know where you are with the headset on and I can barely stand anyway. My grandson once accidentally clouted the dog. I think I'll stick with the boring exercises.

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    @stickywicket You can play lots of the games sitting in chair, don't have to stand. I've even watched the footie on it👍