Severe pain in shoulders

Hi, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and Fybromyalgia in 2014. Both my knees are busted. It has affected my ability to walk or stand. I also have severe pain in both my shoulders. I am unable to sleep. The pain is so severe; It’s driving me mad. I take Naproxen and Co-codamol, but it makes no difference. I have been prescribed other medications, but they affect me badly. All I seem to do is cry. I have been referred to hospital for pain intervention. It’s been 4 months and still no appointment. I am looking for advice on how to cope with pain to my shoulders. I no longer have a quality life. I had to quit my much loved job. I can’t do shopping, go for walks or climb stairs. I am truly heartbroken. Any advice is welcome. I get the feeling that people with arthritis is being pushed one side and not getting the medical help we need. I need knee replacements, but that could take years. I am desperate to be able to walk again.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Twanette

    You do sound as though you have a lot on pain wise. I hope you are chasing your appointment with what is presumably a pain clinic at the hospital? 4 months seems a long time. If you have a telephone number and name of a person or department it might be worth a call to the relevant secretary. Just to make sure you have not been forgotten.

    I don't know whether you have already seen this but just in case;

    Hopefully someone might be along to share their own story with you.

    Best wishes


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    @Twanette If the pain relief is not working, you could have frozen shoulder. You would need to ask your go to be referred to see a physio who will then do scans and double check the shoulder . I had exactly the same and the physio offered a steriod injection and said it would help with the pain but not cure it. It takes a year or two with stretching and heat cold therapy to decrease the inflammation. Mine is now in the thrawing stage and so pain is only when I sleep on my side. I’ve had it for over a year. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted.