Just diagnosed

Hi, I've just read my recent x-ray results that I have osteoarthritis in both hips, worse in the right. I'm feeling devastated as been told for so long my pain in joints is ME and fibromyalgia so knowing I could possibly have been diagnosed and started getting help earlier feels very hard to process. I'm panicking about how I can live with this much pain for the rest of ever. Also have similar pain in knees esp left, ankles, shoulders and neck and so scared it's arthritis there too. Not knowing now what life might be like and whether I just have to live like this? I have asthma so unsure about antiinflammatories or even if they help. Feeling quite scared and lost. I'm 40 and single mum to 3 kids


  • Hi @lilibet83

    Thank you for posting on our Online Community, we are really sorry to hear that you have recently been diagnosis with Osteoarthritis in both of your hips. Getting a diagnosis can be very overwhelming at first but you are not on your own we hear this a lots especially from people as young as yourself, they feel that the future looks very bleak but it's not necessary so, with the help and support from your GP and finding that right treatment that will help it doesn't mean to say that you are not able to continue to do the things that you enjoy.

    Talking about how this is making you feel can be helpful so if you would like to speak to a Helpline advisor on our free phone number which is 0800 5200 520 we would like to help and support you through this journey. Also getting help and support from family and friends could be helpful especially at home and with the children, also speak to your GP about how overwhelming this all is he/she may be able to help with this also.

    Speaking to your GP about a Pain management programme which can also be useful as they help build on your ability to live well with the pain and access to various specialist who would review your medication and possibly a referral for physiotherapy.

    I hope that one of our members will also be able to provide some reassurance for you, possibly post on our Living well with arthritis page may also be beneficial for you.

    We hope that the future looks brighter for you.

    Best wishes

    Chris (Helpline Advisor)