Compression gloves

Does anyone have experience and/or recommendations for using compression gloves (fingerless) for relieving pain from osteoarthritis in hand joints (particularly at base of thumb) ? This cold weather isn’t helping so started looking at hand warmers but then saw adverts for compression gloves and thought they might help to keep my hands active too. Weirdly, I would like to get on with some housework but pain in hands is preventing this .


  • sparks63
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    No but am interested, I was wondering if they might keep my fingers better in line for work. (Ie using keyboard and mouse)

  • frogmorton
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    I've had neoprene ones a few times they felt great. My sister in law works at Amazon and it's really hard work she uses them too now.

    who wants to do housework?😮

    @Soozie_lu31 sit down I'll make you a nice cup of tea😂


  • jamieA
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    Hi @Soozie_lu31 and @sparks63

    I've used compression gloves since it was suggested to me by an occupational therapist about 3 years ago. I have psoriatic arthritis and that affects my finger, thumb and wrist joints. I also suffer from cold hands and feet - I think caused by medication I'm on. I buy them from Amazon in either packs of 2 or 3 pairs. The ones I have at present have silicon dots on the palm and palm side of the fingers which helps when gripping handles. I'd recommend them. The downside of them is that they can easily get wet and they take time to get off.

  • GarethJ
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    I use them, find them really helpful. Its not a miracle cure but I wouldn't be without them now. I can't remember the make, but I bought them in a local lloyds chemist

  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Soozie_lu31 @sparks63

    I tried compression gloves when before I had my trapeziectomy and was looking for a solution to help me keep working as a PA. Personally I found them as much use as a chocolate tea-pot but we're all different.

    My solution was to purchase some ordinary fingerless gloves and some 'hot hands' which are little packs of magic that are the perfect size to go into your pocket, a pair of gloves and last about 12 hours. Used packs can be frozen and used as the cold therapy option. This allowed me to keep typing all day and the act of typing all day actually reduced the pain levels as it was worse on my non-working days.

    You can buy 'hot hands' as a pack of two from most shops so you can try them but I now buy mine by the box from on-line selling shops. They are much cheaper that way.

    I still use my fingerless gloves and hot hands today, (I had my trapeziectomy in 2020), especially in trouser pockets where they can provide heat to my aching hips!

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • Thank you everyone. I have ordered these from Amazon today. Will tackle the housework tomorrow, and if they don’t help will try your advice Trish .

  • noddingtonpete
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    Compression gloves are available from many retailers - it pays to shop around 😊

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