Give me a nudge with your tips and advice 😉

I've not posted for a while and thought I'd ask for any tips on today's niggles.

I was diagnosed with OA a year ago in my hands, but a year on I find myself wondering if it's time to lift my head out of the sand and revisit the not so helpful doctor again.

My right arm is now definitely weaker than my left, I can no longer lift a full kettle (so I fill it half full instead) but the niggling ache is now constant on the side of my right elbow, especially when I use that arm to lift anything, even my cup of coffee ☕.

Plus my right knee is getting rather annoying, but mainly when I sit cross legged or kneel, that results in a few minutes of unbelievable discomfort!

So apart from not fully bending my right knee and using my left arm to lift things and don't get me started on the now non existent hand grip that never returned. Any wise words and tips please phone people? Apart from the obvious overdue call to the doctor would be much appreciated 😀.