Arthritis in Feet

I have severe arthritis in both feet. I have burning feet and also feel as though I am walking on cushions. My question is, would the Revitive Circulation Booster be of any help in reducing these symptoms?

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  • Hi @Wilmur

    Thank you for your posting. I am sorry to hear you have severe arthritis in both feet and they are burning and you feel you are walking on cushions. You have asked if the Revitive Circulation Booster can be of any help reducing the symptoms.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any conclusive scientific studies on the benefits of electric muscle stimulation and whether this could be beneficial for arthritis. This machine works by using a method called electric muscle stimulation, which contracts the muscles through electric pulses. This can help strengthen muscles and to increase blood circulation.

    Generally, muscles can weaken with all forms of arthritis, and this can lead to more pressure and strain being put on the joints. People with arthritis should aim to do gentle exercise to help keep their muscles strong and flexible, therefore helping support their joints more.

    Unfortunately this product doesn’t seem to have been tested specifically on people who have certain types of arthritis, so it’s difficult to say if it would be beneficial, or if there could be any side effects.

    You should try asking your GP, or a physiotherapist, to see if they would recommend this machine for you.

    I have put a link below to our information on foot pain and foot care that I hope may be helpful to you in managing your condition.

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