Hi ,

my name is Julie and I’m 59, I’ve been having pain in my hips knees and ankles for 10yrs but coped mostly as I’ve always been a curvy girl, I just put it down to that.

pain increased a lot last 2 years and mobility is very poor, I’m so stiff eventually went to GP and sent for a hip Xray , had results today and have advanced osteoarthritis in my R hip and moderate in my L hip and significant changes in my lumbar spine.

I also have to have a bone scan because xray shows my bones are quite sclerotic? Any body had that? I also suffer from a calcium imbalance so that’s probably why this is.

ive been referred to surgeon and physio too.

i have a high BMI so will work at reducing that.

i will be having a good look around as im absolutely terrified of surgery but for now I need help with aids or anything to get me moving, I rarely go out have started using crutches , stairs are difficult getting in bed or the bath , sitting on the loo etc.

thank you


  • Janlyn
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    @jewel59 So sorry to hear your pain is bad and mobility is poor. I think when we have pain our mobility reduces and we are encouraged to keep moving but it's not as easy as that is it? To release stiffness I found hot water bottles/heat pads got me moving. Ice packs reduced inflammation. Painkillers helped me walk/exercise but eventually I had a hip replacement a few weeks ago. I had tried everything else and the surgery and recovery really wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I'm now pain free and quite mobile.

    I hope you're not waiting too long for your appointments - physio should get you moving. And if you can get your BMI down it should help too, but very difficult when you're struggling to be mobile. And difficult to keep your mood up when you can't get out and about without pain.

    Take care, x