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Hello I've just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip and ankles, really struggling with pelvic, groin and hip pain and walking using a crutch the front of my thigh at the top is agony when I'm walking and sleeping difficult


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    Hi! Those are classic symptoms of hip osteoarthritis, I've been there! Are you on the waiting list for hip replacement surgery? Once you have had it, it will transform your life. Meanwhile get referred to a physio and try to keep as active as possible. I know how horribly hard that is. Good luck.

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    @Mariecatherine welcome although sorry you have found yourself here. I really sympathise as I know exactly what you are feeling. I had a hip replacement a few weeks ago and my pain has now gone but I do remember the agony whilst walking, leaning on my sticks and not being able to sleep for the pain.

    You say you have just been diagnosed - have you a treatment plan? For some time mine was controlled by exercise and painkillers. I went on an Escape Pain course at my local medical practice, a mixture of the theory of dealing with pain and exercising and actual exercises. I used hot water bottles and ice packs and they helped me, but really you need your GP/specialist to help you work out what you need to do - the living with constant pain and discomfort is awful.

    Take care, x

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    Hello @Mariecatherine and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    You might find the following article from our website of use.

    I hope you can find something to give you some relief.

    Best wshes


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    Work with you physio (ask if you're not offered) - You may only get a handful of sessions - but they will tailor exercises to help you - and specifically rule out any that may not be particularly good for your particular condition. Mine gave me NHS exercise sheets. Also I printed off some generic hip exercises (I think from Versus Arthritis website) and a couple of those were then crossed out the Physio. The exercises made a real difference together with knowing yourself what can aggravate the condition and managing that yourself. Good luck.