MTX and flu

Morning guys, I wondered if anyone could help, I’ve had a really bad cold/flu over the past week, almost deliberating as I suffer from asthma too unfortunately.

I’m talking 20mg injections of MTX and wondered if laying off the injection for a few days would have any impact. Taking an autoimmune reducer while in this state I’m assuming would make things worse.




  • Yes deffo leave this weeks dose and restart when u feel well x

  • stickywicket
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    I always leave off my meth is I'm ill, seem to be becoming ill, or about to have a flu or covid ja . But I've been stable for a long time. Maybe you should check with your helpline.

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  • Gadgetgirl
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    @Jock1 Hi. My consultant told me from the office if I get a bad cold or flu, not to take my MTX that week and wait until the following. This will allow the immune system to work better at fighting the germs. I have don't this and it's been ok. Hope you're better soon

  • Jock1
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    Thanks guys,

    The MTX injections are working and keeping things manageable so I wasn’t sure if leaving the weekly dose out for a few days would stop the effectiveness or just carrying on would just be asking for trouble.

    Thanks for the reply’s, seeing my GP tomorrow as it’s not clearing and my breathing sounds like broken glass.

    The joys of having an autoimmune condition 🙈