where can I find information regarding this medication and possible side effects etc.

Recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Osteoarthritis with inflammation pockets in hands, feet, knees and now back and hip. I have Inflammation but no Rheumatoid factor showing in bloods. Have had IM DepoMedrone injection waiting to see if it works but was told I may need to go onto Hydroxychloroquine if injection doesn’t help.

Any advice appreciated

many thanks


  • stickywicket
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    My go to site for drug info is www.drugs.com.

    But hydroxy is a very mild DMARD. I've taken it for years alongside methotrexate.

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  • mosborn11
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    I think Versus Arthritis also have a page on this on their main website, the NHS also does

  • Kempkat
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    Thanks for the advice I found some information now.