Tired & overwhelmed

Hi all, feeling overwhelmed.

Currently tired all the time! Tired before I even get to work. Bones hurt, joints ache, I'm stiff everywhere, eyes are dry, throat is sore! I have RA and some OA, my husband has poor health and mobility so can't work.

Just wondering how to cope with life? Feeling that everything is just too much effort with little motivation to be healthy and look after the house. Being alive just feels too hard and that's not to say I don't want to be. I feel bad for thinking that knowing what some people are going through, including my own elderly grandparents. But everything feels like an effort from getting up, making a cuppa, putting on socks, brushing teeth. Making food.

When did you decide that it's time to reduce hours at work? Did it help? I worry that if I reduce my hours I'd still be lazy and have a messy house, not live a healthy lifestyle but also be skint 🤦🏻‍♀️

I am on methotrexate and cimzia and it's pretty well controlled on the whole but I still feel constantly tired and achy with occasional swellings and increased pain.

I was taken off hydroxychloroquine and mext reduced by 5mg to try and keep me from getting sick all the time.

Just needed to vent and wondering how people cope x


  • Woofy
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    Hello there. Crikey thought I was the only one feeling like you do. I have been feeling right fed up this past week or so. Fed up of taking pills not being able to put my socks on in the mornings. I’ve been snappy, and don’t get me started on the F word, if I had a pound for every time I’ve said it this week, I’d be a very rich lady lol.

    I think it is completely normal to feel the way we do, we need to cut ourselves some slack. I didn’t ask for this anymore than you did.

    I had my own dog walking business, which I had to give up sadly. It upset me greatly, I’ve lost a lot of independence, and confidence.

    can you get some financial help? Or change your work pattern, maybe go part time, or work more room home if it’s possible.

    Could you get carer’s allowance if your husband is unable to work. I like a clean tidy home, but I pace myself, and do a little at a time.

    made a few changes, like rearranging cupboards etc, anything to make life easier and less work.

    it is so hard to be jolly when you are tired from endless sleepless nights. Can you contact your medical team for some more support?

    keep us updated.just remember we are here if you need a rant, or just a shoulder. Take care.

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    Hi @Woofy ,

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling the same way. Thank you so much for your response. It's really hard to navigate every day life but whilst I can't work from home and don't qualify for carers allowance for hubby, we are going to put a plan together to see if I can reduce hours in the future.

    Meanwhile I will check on my next rheumatology appointment and try not to downplay the situation when asked how things are.

    I'm so sorry that you have had to give up your business and a job you loved. I hope you still have some furry friends to share their unconditional love.

    I will take a leaf from your book and try to go slow but steady with the house work.

    I wish you well & likewise here to listen to anyone who needs to vent x