Tingling & numbness

Hi all. I’m new on here but have been a member donation wise for a good few months. My brief history is a congenital hip disorder when born & at 35 had my first hip replacement & currently waiting for my other one (nearly 48!) Today I had a bad spell at work & currently sat in a quiet room. I’ve had tingling in my right hand & right leg (the problem side) & just wanted to see if anyone has had the same!

You know when it gets so painful & you just want to cry!! That’s me today….

Thank you x


  • Hi @Claire5

    Thank you for posting on our Online Community and welcome to our group, we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing a tingling in your right hand and right leg, we are so sorry that it is upsetting you today.

    Often a tingling or numbness can be associated to a condition that affects the nerves, if it is affecting the hand there is a condition called Carpal tunnel syndrome which causes a tingling feeling or pins and needles, numbness, and sometimes pain in the hand. The symptoms can sometimes be felt in the forearm or further up your arm. It tends to come on gradually over a period of weeks.

    Unfortunately, we are not medically trained on the Helpline so we would suggest contacting your Healthcare Practitioner for further help and advice and getting a diagnosis.

    We hope that one of our members who have experienced this will also be able to help.

    I have added a link below to Carpal tunnel syndrome only to see if you can relate to any of the symptoms that you are experiencing.

    Best wishes

    Chris (Helpline Advisor)

  • Claire5
    Claire5 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks so much for your words. Seeing the doc tomorrow!