Shooting stick or similar mobility aid


I’m going to Florence soon and want to visit the many galleries, museums and churches, as well as wandering around outside (it’s said to be a very “walkable” city). I find standing on my feet for any length of time quite a challenge. Somebody suggested I take a shooting stick to rest on which I dismissed immediately but, thinking about it, I wonder if it might be a good idea after all. Does anyone here use one or anything similar. Or have any other helpful solutions when you have to stand for longer periods (15 - 20 mins plus)?

Thanks for your help!



  • stickywicket
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    I've no experience of shooting sticks but plenty with a rollator. Have you considered this? Mine is fibre glass so lightweight, very maneouvrable and has a seat. It would also be handy for the long queues at airports. On the other hand, most museums and galleries seem to have lots of seats around.

    I hope you enjoy the trip. It sounds lovely.

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  • Trish22
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    Too late for rollator for this trip but I’ll explore them for future use. Hope you’re right about there being plenty of benches🤞

    thanks for your response!