Facet arthritis in low back and neck

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Hello all!

I have had chronic neck pain for about 20 years and low back pain that started around 4 years ago. I had MRIs done and it shows facet arthritis along with a few degenerative disc issues. Pain management thinks the facet arthritis is what is causing most of my low back issues (pain mainly localized over my SI joint area that spreads to my butt, hip, and occasionally the front of my thigh). I am going to give all the conservative things a try before injections. I actually can't have steroid injections so options are a bit limited. I've been doing PT for quite sometime (often wonder if it's aggravating it) as well as heat/ice. I tried acupuncture for a short period, but I swear it made it worse. I will be starting chiropractic and massage every other week soon. Chiropractic only for my back as I've been advised no more neck adjustments. I also take LDN and PEA supplements. Any other conservative outside the box suggestions? Also any other pain management options aside of steroid shots that helped you? One specific thing is for my work. I am at a computer all day and I alternate between sitting an standing, but it is rough! Any special chairs or cushions you have found helpful (same goes for long car rides) Lastly, has anyone had a SPECT CT scan and was it worth the cost? Thank you!