Facet arthritis conservative treatments and meds that don't upset the stomach

Hello, I am 48 and have facet arthritis in my neck as well as my lumbar spine. The low back pain seems to come out of nowhere around 4 years ago. The lumbar spine has been really really flaring up lately. I'm struggling to sit, stand, and even lay. I think I am going to start more regular myofascial massage, chiropractor, and maybe even eventually acupuncture, although I cannot afford to do them all at once. Have any of you found any of these to be particularly helpful? I cannot take any type of steroid, oral or injection form, and NSAIDs really tear up my stomach, even the voltaren gel. I'm not sure if there are any other supplements, medications, or conservative treatments that have helped you?


  • Hi Trixie:

    I have 4 fusions in neck and a laminectomy all done in the 1990's. I had a great surgeon and did not have any problems until I turned 70. Now I have a whole lot of arthritis. Currently, I am taking hyaluronic acid with MSM, tumeric/curcumin and dr. joint, vitamin b and c. I am having pretty good luck with them and if you take at a meal, no stomach problems. I am always looking for something even better.

    Sandra Beatty

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    Apologies for hijacking your thread @trixie001 I just wanted to welcome @painpainpain to the online community and thank her for responding to your post.

    Thank you Sandra it's lovely when someone's first post is helping another member I do hope you'll decide to continue to visit the site and gain something for yourself too from coming here.

    @trixie001 have you read this information?

    My best wishes to both of you


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    Oh dear @trixie001

    It's not good that you can't take so many meds which might have helped you.

    Hopefully you can still improve things a bit.

    I use MSM gel sometimes also I have my trusty microwavable, wheatbag, tens machine and ice pack all of which I use at various times with varying degrees of success.

    Best of luck

    Toni x