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Hello everyone

Might be an unusual post but does anyone have a recommendation for a hotel in London that caters for disabled people? I’m looking for one that has adjustable bed, raised toilet seat, walk in shower with seat, elevators etc. I’ve seen a few online but the reviews aren’t encouraging eg flimsy, broken shower seat.Just hoping someone knows of somewhere for a short stay for a wedding.



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    Hi @MoiraA

    I have googled and found the following which may be of interest.......

    Good luck @Naomi33

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    Thanks Naomi. I’ll have a look.🙂

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    I've never done London but, If you have or have had an immediate family member in the forces, it might be worth checking out the Victory Services Club. Looks very swish but not unduly pricey for London and central.

    Things I learnt when our son was at uni:

    Always ring with questions. Never just book online.

    ' Disabled room' can mean fine if you're in a wheelchair but everything low on if not.

    We always asked for a ground floor room or elevator on the grounds of mobility issues In one large hotel the elevator was a service lift. The chap taking me to our room and I knew each other intimately by the time we got there. In another we were given a ground floor room but not told the restaurant was in the basement. In a B&B we got a ground floor room after climbing three steps to the garden gate, walking a long path then another five steps to the front door. Admittedly the owner, having taken one look at me, was most apologetic and gave us access to his back yard so we just had one huge step to get into the dining room.

    Good luck! Sometimes it works out really well😀

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