Arthritic, warm, swollen knee - could it be infected?

I apologise for asking yet another question, but I'm going through a bit of a rough time. My arthritic knee has been warm and swollen - below the knee cap - for about 4/5 weeks now. I had a steroid injection last Monday but, so far, it hasn't made any difference. I'm in a lot of pain and can't weight-bear on it at all. It's painful and stiff even at night.

Since it's been painful my IBS has flared up. Well, I believe it's my IBS, but I just don't feel very well - tired and achy. Maybe it's the chronic pain? The knee isn't red, but I'm now wondering if there's an infection in the joint to make me feel like this. I don't have a temperature, but then I rarely do have high temperatures, even when I've been ill in the past.

Should I go back to the GP, do you think? I don't want to make a fuss, but I've been feeling like this since Christmas and I just want to feel better.


  • Welsh1
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    Check with your GP

  • Janlyn
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    @Megrose489 You seem to be having a really rough time and if you've been feeling like this since Christmas then you really do need to see your GP - you're not making a fuss, you just need to know what the problem is and get it sorted.

    Take care, x

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    Thanks both for your replies. Well I got in to see the GP today and he's given me lansoprazole as a stomach protector to that I can take a short course of ibuprofen. I have high blood pressure, so it's tricky with NSAIDs. He did agree about the swelling and the warmth, but didn't think it was infected. I'm to go back in four weeks if the steroid injection hasn't worked by then and he'll send me for an x-ray before referring me to the hospital, if necessary. Feeling a bit better about that - at least it's a positive plan!

    As for the IBS - the flareup is either probably connected to the stomach virus I had at the end of last year, or the pain has exacerbated things. Probably a combination of the two!

    Thanks again.


  • Janlyn
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    Thanks for letting us know - fingers crossed this plan works and if not at least you have a plan B - referral to the hospital.

    Wishing you all the best.