Postman with Ankle OA


I have moderate ankle OA but also Osteochondritis

I was a postman for 15 years but recently became a HGV driver due to me mentally worrying over my condition for so many years

i loved my job posting but ten miles a day walking I think that worried me what the future would be like if I continued .

although my ankle is much better in my new job it’s night shifts so a huge change of life and I think I miss my old life

I guess why I’m writing in here is to get peoples experiences and support . I think I’m looking for reassurance I have made the right decision and that I was in fact doing to much excercise daily given my condition

im 40 years old and have struggled with this since iv been in my 20s . Mostly stiffness and not so much pain. Also sometimes struggle with my knee and hip


  • PJoanne
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    Hello @Leeg108

    I just wanted to welcome you to the chat, although I can see you have been a member for a little while. It is a friendly forum so there will be some support on its way.

    Everyone's journey is different, personally I have had to change my life a lot to accommodate my joints! No more all day gardening or long walks. I still do them, in much smaller doses.

    Keep posting and best wishes.

  • stickywicket
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    Hi @Leeg108 ,

    For my money you did exactly the right thing. I do understand your missing the old job but you can still go for walks whenever you wish, alone or with others, longer or shorter as the arthritis dictates. We are all capable of stuff on our good days. It's being in the position of having to do it on our bad days that causes the problems.

    Well done!

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  • Leeg108
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    Thank you for the messages , I think my mental health has took a dive because of the OA and it’s probably making me want me old Job back because it’s what iv always known

    I think deep down I know I can’t carry on maintaining 10 miles a day walking but it’s sometimes just getting that reassurance iv made the right decision

  • Janlyn
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    @Leeg108 It does sound as though you've made the right decision but completely understandable that you miss your previous life and one that you really wanted.

    Hopefully you'll have enough time to manage good walks to keep fit without the pressure of knowing you've got to walk for your work.

    Wishing you all the very best.