Some Days Feel like Flu


Hi Fellow Rhumies

I have seen a few post about feeling Flu like, and I can totally relate.

I am new to this so apologies if this is silly question. Felt a bit yuck yesterday so knew today was going to be a bad day (I guess its good I can now see it coming).

But today I feel like the flu but without the cold side of things. Also a bit tight chest and totally exhausted.

Is this the Rheumatoid (who I have named Floyd) or the Medication (currently on Hydroxychloroquine and Methotrexate)

What do you all take to help this, as struggling to work when I feel like this

Thank you so much for your time, love and hugs to all :) xxx☺️


  • stickywicket
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    Hi there,

    I'm not surprised you feel unable to work. In my experience (all too many years!) if R.A. is not well-controlled, this is typical. So Maybe check your recent blood tests.

    BUT, I'd first do a covid test. This latest version is an odd one. My sister infected us after insisting she only had a slight cough - usual for her. My main symptom was weakness with a touch of nausea at first. My husband got the typical racking cough. My son was sure he only had a bad cold. We all had covid.

    Do a test but, if you're clear, ring rheumatology. And good luck.

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  • Baloo
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    @JaneyMiles I don't think the flu feeling is the medication, but it might be less worse with whatever is the right medication. I take paracetamol but the flu feeling breaks through a few times. Sometimes late at night. Sometimes in the morning. When the flu feeling comes its swearing at myself time as well, as its so hard to go moving around. So far I have not been able to predict when it happens.