Anti TNF blocker reactions


I have been on a long journey since 2020 trying to get a full diagnosis and treatment for my inflammatory disease. My issues have been allergic reactions to 1st DMARDS and now biologicals. I suspect I may have axial spondyloarthritis as my primary diagnosis as that is now showing on my x ray. Adalimumab worked like magic last spring for 5 weeks before I was thrown into palmoplanter pustulosis psoriasis along with general body psoriasis (which I had never experienced before), and was very ill for many months recovering with additional severe blood pressure and clotting issues. This New Year I started on Tocilizumab but 7 weeks in it has cause my liver to start failing and I have been stopped on that this week. It was not the wonder drug that Adalimumab was for me, but it did help very much with my knee, not so much for my spine/hips/shoulders. I have now been given a choice of going back to another anti TNF drug (because it worked so well therapeutically) called Etanercept. Has anyone ever had a similar experience with a psoriasis type reaction to an anti TNF drug, but been able to find another one that they got on OK with? It is a big anxiety going back onto this drug group, but it did work so amazingly well last time that my Dr’s think it worth a try. Am I setting myself up for another disaster?! Any ideas or advice very welcome 😃