Cervical spondylitis


Hi All. My Dr keeps telling me that I am having a flair up but it seems to go on and on with no respite. Everything I read suggests cervical spondylitis is a common problem and shouldn't cause an issue. But I'm in constant pain every step sends pain up my spine and down my arms and legs. I'm on meds for it and use a tens machine etc.

Does anybody else have this problem? I feel like I'm going mad, why should I be in such pain if what I have doesn't cause it?


  • Loggiemod
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    Hello @GarethJ backs are difficult. What you have reminds me of a condition I had years ago in that I had such bad pains in my back I could hardly move. Again the consultant said that what I had was common in about 10% of the adult population of my age (40s at the time) and it just happens that where the pressure was in my back caused all the pain. I would try and see the GP/Consultant and stress how bad the pain is. There are pain referral clinics that can advise you

    Hope you get some relief soon.