Medication for osteoarthritis in feet


It has been suggested by my consultant that I try Gabapentin or Pregabalin. I have looked at the medications listed in VA and there is no mention of either of these. Can you tell me whether these drugs are tried and tested please?


  • Naomi33
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    Good morning @Wilmur

    Everyone is different and every consultant different .

    I started off with pain in feet and ankles and was diagnosed with RA but later OA.

    I was put on Hydroxychloroquine and know after first year looking at Methotrexate??

    I found exercise even though very painful at first really helped me to.

    The following link maybe of use.

    Best wishes @Naomi33

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  • helpline_team

    Hi @Wilmur

    Thank you or posting on our Online Community, we are sorry to hear that you have Osteoarthritis (OA) of the feet, Gabapentin and pregabalin are often used for condition that have been affected by arthritis, often for the back and neck area. These drugs can be used to help with irritation of the nerves, often drugs do have side effects so do please check with your GP what these are.

    We are sorry we do not have any information on our website but I have found some information on the NHS website, which I hope will help.

    Thank you @Naomi33 for adding our link to OA of the foot.

    Best wishes

    Chris (Helpline Advisor)