Work Sickness and Company Income Protection


Having been diagnosed with widespread Osteoarthritis and Secondary Inflammatory joint disease seronegative. I have now been off sick for 3 months due to pain and also the fact that my hands have significant Osteoarthritis so functionality is impacted now and my job as a Systems consultant demands 8/10 hours a day keyboard work. Unfortunately the type of work I do is configuration with bespoke systems that are not compatible with voice assisted devices!

I have now been signed off for a further 3 months so my company has started the process to put me on our Company income protection insurance. I am lucky that the Company have this benefit but I am anxious as to whether they will approve my claim for osteoarthritis! And if not then what will happen as I’ve been doing this type of work for over 30 years so not sure what else I could do that doesn't impact my hands so much.

Has anyone else been through this process with their company?