Finding suitable ankle floats for hydro


I had 2 sessions of hydro (then they changed the time/day and I could not make that) but I continue the exercises in the leisure pool. However I should really be using ankle floats to make it harder.

Anyone seen any that will snap around the ankle when you in the pool? I've been looking online BUT heres the thing. They hoist me in so putting them on before I get in not an option cuz then your legs float up and I'd like a cork! Can't reach my own ankles, cannotstand on one foot! So I need someting I can slip or snap around the ankle. OR I have to have someone in there with me!


  • Poppyjane
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    Hi @Redlady07

    Have you investigated swimming aids online? Would the long sausage tubes be manageable for you on your own?

    Hope you are successful. Let us know if you find something, other swimmers will be interested I'm sure.

    Best wishes


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  • notHarry
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    I need floats for a 6m old baby

  • Redlady07
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    Poppyjane - yes of course. Googling ankle floats, hyydrothera0py aids, you name it. But there must be someone on here than also does hydro or has seen such an item?