A small but notable landmark my condition

jonr Member Posts: 398

Well - I've finally done it.

For the first time in 2 years I had the confidence this morning to walk downstairs WITHOUT HOLDING ONTO ANYTHING!

Doesn't sound much but honestly, I would have leapt for joy if it weren't bad for my knees - I think only Arthritis sufferers would get how significant such small and mundane these things are.


  • Nurina
    Nurina Member Posts: 265

    Yes! That's a great achievement. Well done!

  • CarylW
    CarylW Moderator Posts: 270

    Hello @jonr

    That's brilliant - well done!

    Best wishes


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  • I'm not brave enough to do that - good on yer!!

  • Janlyn
    Janlyn Member Posts: 329

    Wow, well done!

  • TLee
    TLee Member Posts: 88

    You are crazy brave! Sometimes I walk down with just one foot on each stair instead of my usual tiny baby steps, but it's using the hand rail every time!

  • jonr
    jonr Member Posts: 398

    Cheers @TLee, I don't think it was as brave as cancelling both my TKRs a few weeks ago but even though my condition has technically worsened since my original diagnosis, I'm in such a better place managing my condition now - all down to what I've learned here and put into practice.

  • Minty
    Minty Member Posts: 7

    I can't even imagine it! I need to find out what you've learned….

  • Trish9556
    Trish9556 Member Posts: 505

    That's absolutely brilliant @jonr

    A good day for me is when I can walk downstairs holding onto one stair handrail rather than the two we now have in less than 10 minutes!

    You'll be running up and downstairs before you know it!

    Best wishes

    Trish xx