I am in desperate need of any help or advice, in the last two years, after having radiotherapy I have developed osteoarthritis in my knees on both, hips, both hands and wrists, and now my elbows.I gave up work when I had cancer but have not been able to return to any job, as I struggle to use a keyboard, walk anywhere and I'm overweight, I think my BMI is 47. I have spoken to so many doctors who just prescribe pain killers and nothing else. I was so humiliated on my last doctor's call after breaking down as I am depressed and asking for any help, even weight loss ideas to be told basically it's life just have to put up with it, nothing the medical professionals can do, and just go to some exercise aerobics classes, I can not barely hold anything in my arms for above 20 secs is my max pain threshold, and walk no more than 10 metres. Sorry for the long story but I'm looking for some advice from anyone, or ideas were to turn for help. As I live alone, am very depressed as speak to no one all day, I don't have any family and don't know where to turn


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    Welcome @Karen071166 to the online community

    We are glad you found us, we are here to give you friendship and support. As people who are living with different forms of arthritis we offer tips, advice, distractions to help each other through life's ups and downs. So welcome again and we hope you no longer feel as alone.

    If it would be helpful to talk with someone our Helpline is open Monday - Friday 9.00 - 6.00 0800 5200 520.

    Many of us have encouraged each other to try the Lets Move exercises and/or the new Stretching Videos and have found them really useful. They can be done sitting down and are helpful to strengthen muscles and joints. Gradually the exercise helps with pain reduction and that has helped with some weight loss. I attach a link

    If you click on Val's Cafe or Chit Chat you will find daily conversations of help and support and you are very welcome to join in any time. There is also an interesting Hobbies section so do browse round and join in we would love to hear from you again soon.

    Take care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    @Karen071166 Isn't there a weight loss injection you can have these days? I would've thought you would be an ideal candidate, but sorry, I've only read about it and know nothing else.

    Your doctor sounds dreadful. Can you change practise?

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    Honestly @Karen071166 that's awful.

    Weight loss is supposed to be 80% diet only 20% exercise (where did I read that @stickywicket ?)so expecting you to exercise your weight down is ludicrous. Particularly given you are in so much pain!

    Having said that exercise is important but gentle stretches like the Versus Arthritis ones might be all you can manage yet. Have you looked at the 'In your area' bit of the website?

    There are groups and some classes online it can be a good way to make friends. too.

    There is loads which could be done if anyone would listen. @swimmer60 has a serious point there your GP sounded very unhelpful. Could you see a different GP at the practise and we often advise each other not to go alone. To take someone with us who can support us if there's anyone you trust enough.. Something about there being two of you seems to stop you being so easily 'fobbed off'.

    If you can cope with a bunch of people talking rubbish you'd be very welcome to pop into Val's café

    I pop in pretty well every day. Just to chat to nice people and have a virtual chat.

    Life can and will get better for you as @Poppyjane said you are now not alone anymore you have us lot!

    Take care

    Toni x

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    @Poppyjane pop over to the caff & have a chat 😊

  • Charlestown
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    Hi@Karen071166 i think u should see a different GP asap. Tell them yr aim is to lose weight & ask for diet sheets or referral to a dietician. Also speak to them about yr mental health. You should not be suffering alone. If you feel you are not being provided with adequate care you should make a complaint. Dont be fobbed off. Plse go back to yr gp asap.

    join the cafe for a chat & meet new people also 😊👍

  • Emmasknackeredjoints

    There are plenty of weight loss refferals gps can do. I guess it's a postcode lottery.

    Would hydrotherapy help you. Moving in warm water is so much easier for joint pain esp hips and knees.

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    Have you had any physio or hydrotherapy? They may be able to suggest light exercises that would be tolerable on your sore joints. Swimming or water exercises might be more tolerable (although might ache afterwards)

    have you tried alternative keyboards or mice to aid office work? I have severe JIA and fused wrists and have adapted equipment.

    Hope you find a healthcare professional that will listen and help :)

  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Karen071166

    I feel your pain. I had a phone call with supposedly the head GP last year about pain relief when I had had no keep for a week and couldn't cope. I felt so angry and upset when she told me "you have Arthritis, you should be used to it, there's nothing I can do". If I had been in the room it's possible I would've thumped her!

    Luckily I managed to see my GP a couple of weeks later and he was so supportive, kind and helpful and I now only speak to him. I also told him what the chocolate tea pot said.

    Speak to another GP or move surgeries.

    There is a free programme run by Nuffield health at their gyms that is specifically for joint pain relief. If you have one locally it might be worth applying so you can turn round and say I've done that, got the tshirt and it didn't work.

    There are lots of threads in here about it, apply online by searching Nuffield joint pain programme. They then call out and chat about you, your pain and how they can help. I have applied for it but I've been unable to go on the current course due to recently having steroid injections.

    Good luck

    Trish xx

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    Hi Karen, I'm s9 so sorry that you are feeling alone right now, it's not easy being in this amount of pain and being made to feel like you are not doing enough to help yourself. I've been there too. Firstly you now have all of us! I'm new here bit I am trying to figure out how to use thos resource properly. Talking with like m8nded people is the best therapy, we are here to listen and understand and not judge. X

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    Seconded, it's true that when we spend more time with those who support us, loneliness is easier to combat.