nightime pain


hi can anyone help me with ways to stop the pain in my knees at night, i am ok in day time as long as i keep active, but at night it is worse, i have taken pills before i go to bed but wondered if there was anything else i could try. thx geoff.


  • Trish9556
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    Hi @geoffh

    I struggle with sleeping with my arthritic hips. I take my last tramadol about 10 pm, just before I go to bed

    I tend to wake most nights and don't usually get back to sleep afterwards. I can't take any more painkillers as I'm on the maximum allowed now but I did find having two paracetamol when I woke worked quite well before my prescription was changed.

    I also used a shaped knee cushion. I tried using a pillow with the knee cushion but that ended up on the floor

    I now tend to get up and move about with a cup of hot chocolate and my jigsaw puzzle. After about an hour that usually allows me to get another hour or so if I'm lucky.

    I also have a snoozeband which blocks out any residual light and blue tooths to my kindle fire so I can either listen to the radio or a book. It also has a white noise option but I've not tried that. The snoozeband dies work well though.

    I'm lucky enough to be retired and can nap during the day if I need to.

    Trish xx