Living with arthritis

, I'm currently awaiting diagnostics but my doc finally thinks it's possible I have this immflamatory arthritis. Just wanted to know what the best tips from now till the appointment for keeping my spirits up and keeping myself comfortable.


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    Hi @mejooley4321

    Nice to meet you. I hope you are seeing a rheumatologist and that your appointment is soon.

    My first bit of advice is to make notes for the consultation.

    What is happening, where, when and for how long. How painful out of 10.

    What you can't do because of it.

    Is it affecting anything else? Appetite or do you have a fever at all? Any rashes?

    Now how to survive until then. Hopefully your GP has suggested some pain relief? Take it as prescribed and consider other methods of pain relief which might help like ice packs/microwaveable wheatbags. The Rheumatologist would probably be interested to hear what helps and what doesn't too.

    Try to get enough rest and sleep if your body wants to. Strategically placed pillows can help you get more comfortable.

    I always do at least range of movement exercises even if I am in pain They are at the top of this article:

    Most of all though distract yourself if you can with things you can do maybe a box set of something you've never watched or really enjoy. Music, audiobooks whatever helps.

    Good luck

    Toni x

  • Thanks for the advice. I've been in alot of pain for years, I'm hoping that we're finally getting somewhere 🙏

    Ive plenty of pain relief. Fingers crossed it won't be too long to see a rheumatologist .