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HAD accident & work 38 yrs back . NOW since april 2023. Have 2nd degenrative changes to back / spine STENOSIS proved by having MRI, SCAN june 2023 . . ATM limited to stand 1-2 min & shuffle, walk stick 20 meteres max / mobility AIDED . ON NHS waiting list for treatnment orphopedics clinic nhs . AS there is no long term sick benefits since 2016 , current CLAIM UC/ unicredit . HAD uc50/ wca/ MR fail . I AWAIT my day & court tribural for to claim LCWRA . AGE 60/61 now. , YES iam political animal . I payed 42 yrs class 1 NI (PAYE) SO state oap penstion is payed FOR iget full oap by pay min 35 yrs ni . BUT cant claim it to 66 current . TORYS disability white paper 2023 . IF IF REELECTED . They want make it law by starting april 2025 . BASICALLY they want to force , bully all 55-65 yrs old with disabilitys & not working claiming benefits , we paid in for over 42 yrs work , back to work VIA restart courses re train you . ALSO want to reclassify MOBILITY WILL no longer be excuse not to go to seek work WILL no longer get you LCWRA / LCW on pure mobility . COME on if u cant walk / stand more 20 meteres 1-2 mins you dont go far/ do much ????. OR u need & car for mobility . JUST heard LABOUR / KEIR STAIRMER . SAYING they will amend DISABILITY WHITE PAPER NOT force folk back to work & sort out joke 3rd party WORK CAPACATITY ASSETNMENTS . PERSONALLY i just want get treatnment get some form mobility back 1ST for most THEN consider going back to work . NOT BULLIED , FORCED TO DO SO as TORYS want from 2025 . PERSONALLY it should be IF ur over 60 ++. u paid mix 35 + yrs TAX/ NI CLASS1 (PAYE) . Then just like b4 2016 DWP / TORY PESTION / BENEFIT REFOMS (AUSTERITY ) . WE should have option off retire early on health NOT bulleid back to work for as little 5/ 6 yrs . WHAT do others thinck DISABILITY , WHITE , PAPER ?????. IAM lucky in way ive support backing of my untion , UNITE , UNTION .