RA flare following covid infection?


I had Covid last December and have recently been experiencing far more pain and loss of mobility than usual. It’s been gradually getting worse since about mid-January. My hands and feet are worst affected and it’s often mid afternoon before things free up and the pain eases.

For the last few years I’ve been in the very lucky position of almost complete remission, thanks to the DMARDs, so this flare has come as a bit of a shock.

I know that biologics sometimes stop being effective so it might be that this, rather than Covid, though there is some suggestion in the scientific literature that an increasing number of people are having post-covid joint inflammations.

I’m due to see the Specialist Rheum Nurse in a couple of weeks and will ask her advice.

Just wondered if anyone else suspects they’ve had a post-covid flare?


  • Emmasknackeredjoints

    I was fit and healthy before covid. Within weeks developed reactive arthritis which was not treated well at all. I'm 4 yrs into thsi painful condition, made worse by the AZ vaccine.

    I think in time the real damage caused by covid will show. I'm only being taken seriously now due to the numerous of new people with it.

  • Naomi33
    Naomi33 Moderator Posts: 270

    I too was fit and healthy before covid but definitely agree with your covid comment and the damage it has and is continuing to cause people 😢

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  • Izzy72
    Izzy72 Member Posts: 31

    I agree too, I had COVID from Boxing Day through January and have had a similar experience. I have osteoarthritis but mildly compared to many people here, however as I recovered from the virus I noticed an increase in pain and less mobility all over but particularly in my hands, wrists and feet.

  • BettyMac
    BettyMac Member Posts: 202

    Sorry to hear you’re all having post-covid problems, Emma, Naomi and Izzy. I hope things will improve soon for all of you.

    I suppose we’ll know a lot more about this nasty virus in a few year, once the scientists have had a chance to look at all the data.

    Happily, my flare seems to have abated - fingers crossed, now that I can actually move them! - which is just as well because my clinic appt was cancelled and rescheduled 2 months later by the hospital.