Amitriptyline and co-codamol


I've just been put on co-codamol after amitriptyline didn't help with the pain, but it worked well as an antidepressant. Is it safe to take both? If not what's the best way go get off amitriptyline without getting horrendous withdraws?



  • Trish9556
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    Hi @alex_gideon

    When coming off of any drug it needs to be done slowly. I usually reduce my daily dose by one a day then take another one off so, if you're taking 8 of them a day go down to 7 then two weeks later down to 6. It's a long job but better to be safe than sorry. Even better, ask your GP. It may be that you're on a higher strength pill that also needs to be reduced in strength :)


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    Hello @alex_gideon and welcome to the online community,

    I’ve posted a link below from the Versus Arthritis website that gives some detailed information about Amitriptyline- I hope you find it useful. As suggested by @Trish9556, you should really talk to your GP before changing your dosage, as it can cause side effects. Additionally, you should talk to your GP or rheumatologist if you want to take other painkillers with the medication as it can have adverse effects.

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