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Hi All

I am really struggling in work. I am an assistant head in a primary with full class responsibility. I am taking on average 3-5 days off sick every half term and when I am in work I have no life outside of it as I am too tired to do much.

I am considering looking into the ill health retirement process. I have had advice from the union. I just wondered if there are any teachers that have successfully gone through this process.


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    I was a deputy head in a comp. I can’t remember the details but I think it was quite straightforward.

    my advice is to start the process asap. It’s no job for someone whose not 100 percent!

    Good luck

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    Hi @wendy19

    Im sure you’ve already undertaken quite a bit of research about ill health retirement, but you find the attached link about employment and work useful, especially the section called ‘ Should I keep working’. It’s not specifically about teaching, but it does have some useful general information about your rights and support that you’re entitled to:

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    Morning @wendy19 as a gardener for the council on the LGPS pension from 1985 till 2002..

    In 2017 my arthritis got so bad i had trouble walking still gardening JUST,2 knees replaced ankle giving up you send a letter to your pension provider stating ILL HEALTH RETIREMENT you state all your problems they then send you to a medical expert for an assesment,you consent too medical records a leter from your gp confirming your info...

    If it get's the green light you will get your settlement figues ie lumpsum etc you sign your NI number bank detail's...

    Hope thid help's and remember you get full pension if on medical grounds good luck mine took 4 month's keep us updated thank's Peter...