Lupus / arthritis and planning my wedding


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for any tips and tricks to help me make the most of my wedding day.

I’ve had inflammatory arthritis in my hands for the last 3 years (diagnosed at 26), but last year my symptoms took a turn for the worse, flaring in my hips and knees, extreme fatigue that left me housebound for months and various other things I won’t bore you with. Things have been a little more stable the last couple of months and I’ve just received a lupus SLE diagnosis so now feel like we at least know what we’re trying to manage. But my life has changed considerably, I have to pace myself much more, plan my activities much better and am less active than I used to be.

My finance and I have just dusted off our wedding plans again since it wasn’t something we could even consider for all of last year while I was so ill; and have found a venue where we can stay onsite with rooms close to the reception if I need to step away. Just wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms and has any tips for how they manage big days / or their wedding? We’re still at planning stage with a date in December, so any tips gladly welcomed that I can incorporate!



  • Anna
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    Hello @Wolfgirl and welcome to the online community,

    First of all, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! What an exciting time the planning stage is, and how sensible of you to ask for tips and tricks to help manage your day so that you can really make the most of it. I’m sure there are members who have been to special events and can give you some suggestions.

    My only suggestion, and I guess this is pretty obvious, is to make sure your shoes are comfortable and your dress is not too heavy.

    Do keep in touch and let us know how your plans are progressing!

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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