Existing rheumatoid / idiopathic arthritis and menopause

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Hey folks,

I’ve had rheumatoid/ idiopathic arthritis for over 30 years, moderate to severe. On meds including methotrexate and tocilizumab (longterm methotrexate and been through several biologics). Had some of the worst flare ups of my life in the last year. Suspected it was time for biologic drug change, as they usually work for 5-7 years for me then wear off. However, I’ve not had flare this severe since I was first diagnosed. I’m perimenopausal (not had a blood test to confirm but got the classic symptoms). Are there others out there with experience of perimenopause and worsening of condition? Could it be worsening my symptoms (I suspect yes)? Would HRT help or make things worse (I don’t need it for perimenopausal symptoms)? Any tips welcome as drawing blank responses from the clinic (as it standard as soon as the word ‘menopause’ exits a woman’s mouth 😆)


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    Hello @Anne_mf and welcome to the online forum. I am sure you will soon get posts from others who have experience of the menopause and the changes it can bring to symptoms and medication.

    Have you had a chance to look at our website? It includes a great deal of information on symptoms, drugs etc and you might find Sarah's story an interesting read, even though her experience with arthritis is different from yours.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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    If you are 40 + then almost certainly you are in the perimenopause. I genuinely (personally) believe hormones are relevant for women with Arthritis. Just think how many of us start with RA after birth?

    I think I'd maybe ask to see a menopause specialist if there is one anywhere near where you live. Maybe try to have a chat with a good GP?

    Best of luck

    Toni x