Living in limbo


Hi guys,

My names Meg, im 28 and have had osteoarthritis in my feet for 4 years. Some days I struggle to get out the house due to something ' going off in my foot' other days I can do more but there are things I can never do again as my walking is severely limited and if I do walk I sure pay the price in pain afterwards. I recently got made redundant from my office job and have been looking for a remote role so I don't have to commit to walking round an office all day which I can't always do and boy is it hard to find a remote role!

I always find myself In this limbo of I'm not 'disabled enough' cause it isn't classed as a disability so my doctor says but then I'm not fully body abled either as it is completely debilitating my life. I feel I have had no support in this and I have done everything I can e.g I wear shoe insoles and have seen surgeons who told me I'm too young to operate and I have just given up at this point. (also I'm starting to think it's progressed to my knees now)

Being younger It is awful watching everyone live the life you want and not trying to seem a boring nag to friends!/partners ect when you are down about it all. Honestly I really struggle with staying positive and not thinking about not being here anymore as this isn't the life I want and I've never felt so alone and just essentially left to rott.

I've never met anyone who has similar situation to me and so I can't relate to anyone and as a person who likes to be out and about it is killing my soul living with this and the thought of progression of it I can not fathom.

If there is anyone out there who can relate I'd really appreciate hearing from you to know I'm not on my own in this, thankyou