Let’s talk bras.

Woofy Member Posts: 274

Please does anyone have any recommendations for a good bra, that has really wide straps, and possibly front fastening. I am struggling to find a bra that ticks all the boxes.

not looking for anything flimsy, just a good sheep dog bra, round um up and point them in the right direction😁


  • stickywicket
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    Can't help, @Woofy . I gave up on bras years ago. But here are some dormer threads one or two of which might help. You áre clearly not alone.https://community.versusarthritis.org/search?domain=all_content&query=bras&scope=site&source=community

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  • frogmorton
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    Imagine giving up on bras.....bliss!🤭

  • Nurina
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    @frogmorton A bliss indeed. 😉

    I've been using high impact sport bras. They are comfortable, hold the stuff in its place and straps don't fall down all the time.

  • swimmer60
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    I wear simple sports bras, you can get them from Marks or Sainsbury's. Very comfortable but you've got to be able to get them over your head as they don't have any fastening, or mine don't.

  • Trish9556
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    Morning all

    In the past I have found Front fasteners in new look but these days I usually go for the sports bra type. I step I to mine rather than struggle to go over the head. I find it easier to pull up rather than pull down and have to wiggle lol.

    Marks do a really comfy one that I call my hospital bra as it has no metal in it so perfect for unexpected xrays, scans etc.

    I have heard that primark have a new range for people with Iimited mobility which also includes side fastening panties and front fastening bras. I've not seen them though as our nearest branch is 20 miles away.

    Old as I am I though do love a bit of bling and something pretty if I can find one.

    Good luck


  • Nurina
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    That's why I use high impact bras@swimmer60 , because they usually have fasteners and I can adapt them to my erratic weight. Another reason is I have big b***s 😂 and I hate bouncy bras. I bought mine in Underarmour. I got one with front fastening in Lidl. I will check bras in Primark @Trish9556 . Thanks

  • KPez09
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    I buy bras from Sainsbury's, they have fairly wide shoulder straps and a zip fastening at the front. I can't do the fiddly hooks or reach round my back anymore. I find them gently supporting without being suffocating, I'm big up top so it's been trial and error