Hello all.


I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis five months ago, I would like to hear from others who have the same condition to help me understand whats going on and find out if I am going in the right direction. This is my first posting so I'm unsure what to say, should I just ask some questions?

Thanks, Andy.


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    Hi @andywright

    Welcome. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2020 - one of the types of inflammatory arthritis. There are similarities between the various inflammatory arthrises but also some differences. I think if you ask any question I'm sure you'll get answers.

    One thing I'd say is that getting a medication that works as soon as possible helps reduce damage to joints. The other I'd suggest is don't be a passenger in your ongoing treatment and dealings with your medics. I've realised that I needed to be more assertive in dealing with medics regarding my treatment.

    Hope you get it under control quickly.

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    Welcome Andy @andywright

    Just join in and read threads or if you have any questions ask away.

    I suggest to title any question posts so it's obvious and those who might be able to help will spot them. Like maybe 'Methotrexate when should I take it' for example.

    Glad to have you here


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    Hi @andywright and welcome to the online community,

    Yes, do go ahead and ask any questions you may have - I’m sure there will be a member who will answer since everyone on the forum has some experience of living with arthritis and is happy to share their knowledge and advice.. The Living with Arthritis is a good place to post your questions, or you could read through some of the posts and comment on those.

    If you want to read a bit more about your condition, this information page from the Versus Arthritis website gives a good introduction to inflammatory arthritis as well as suggestions for how to manage the symptoms:

    Best wishes,


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  • andywright

    Thanks all.