Good morning, all you lovely people. I was diagnosed with RA in August 2021 and have been relatively lucky with my flares ( 3 in total), with just one joint affected as though I had broken that bone. However, on Monday, I became extremely poorly. All my joints were sore but not extremely painful; the worst part was the flu-like symptoms ( Chills, fever, and so fatigued I haven't had the strength to nag at my Husband.

I just want to ask the community if this is something other people experience ( the debilitating flu symptoms)


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    Absolutely, @ElsieBoo . I'm afràid that's very typical of RA. I'd guess that your current DMARD(S?) isn't / aren't cutting the mustard. Do give your Rheumatology Helpline a ring asap as they'll be unlikely to be working over the Easter break. If you can't get rhrough your GP could prescribe a ahort course of steroids to tide you over but that's not an ideal situation.

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    Hi there. Yes this is normal for a lot of us on here. Hence me typing away at silly o’clock .

    I’ve had a few flare ups, and it isn’t fun. I try to cope with the pain for a bit, it’s getting increasingly difficult each time it happens. I now contact my hospital rheumatology department. I am currently in a flare, and have been given steroids for a few weeks. I always feel bad contacting the hospital, don’t want to be a nuisance, but the pain is overwhelming at times. I know there isn’t a cure for RA, so I’ve decided it’s better for me to take what ever will help keep the pain manageable. I’ve been on this journey for a couple of years now. I am hopeful they will find the right meds to keep things a little more stable. Hope you get things under control too.