Second hip replacement due - getting ready

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I'm hoping to have my second hip replacement in two weeks time. My husband is already getting everything ready. He has retrieved the walking stick stands from the garage, remembering my frantic middle-of-the-night calls from the bathroom when I dropped both on the floor a few days post op. They are made from old plastic drainpipe but a large bucket serves just as well.

He has also got the jump leads out. They are ideal for putting your pants and trousers on. One clip each side and haul away. Much easier than one of those wretched grabbers.


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    HI @Crookrise I like your ideas - always good to see how we get around life's little difficulties. 😁

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  • Janlyn
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    Wow, what a wonderful use for jump leads - I wish I had thought of that.

    All the best for two weeks time - it sounds as though you will be well-prepared!

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    My goodness me @Crookrise I LOVE your tips!!!!

    They are brilliant thank you so much @PeterJ maybe you should add them to the tips thread?

    Best of luck for your operation I hope you'll keep in touch and let us know how you are doing?

    Toni x