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Hi I suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees. It has become so painful I have to use crutches to get around and the pain can get so much that some days I just don't want to carry on with life. I am looking for any help or tips for creams, medication etc. I have tried a few things but can no longer afford to buy things that don't make any difference. I am currently on naproxen and tramadol which do take the edge off but my doctor does not like me taking them so try to limit it to every few days but then suffer on these days and get so down. Any help or tips would be gratefully received.


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    Hi @shazzap lovely to meet you.

    Sounds pretty uncomfortable. I know GPs can be a bit mean with tramadol it's potentially addictive so I suppose I understand. Naproxen and tramadol is a pretty strong combination.

    Have you tried heat? I mean the heat patches that you use on your knees? I personally find heat particularly good for my osteo pains (not so good for the inflammatory arthritis ones). You can buy them from any chemist and some supermarkets. Or of you are at home I have a few microwavable wheat-bags which are wonderful relief. They are a one off expense too as you can use them for years.

    Are your knees anywhere near the point where you could be considered for surgery? Just a thought. When were they last x-rayed? and have you seen a physio or orthopaedic surgeon for an opinion?

    Take care

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