Air travel with Biologic Therapy meds


Hi, having recently been diagnosed with Axial spondyloarthritis and put on to Biologic Therapy I need some tips on how not to

stress about the meds over heating! I purchase a cooling case Disoncare 60H system which has a temperature gauge on the top. Needless to say it didn't keep my meds cool!! But what didn't help was when I went through customs she decided to open the case take everything out and swab them and she wasn't quick about it. I had the letter explaining that they need to be with me and kept cool but she didn't seem to care. What does anyone do when they take these type meds abroad? I am getting worried because I need to go to USA for 3 weeks so will need to take at least 150ml with me. Any suggestions would be greatfully received. X


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    hello @TinaA and welcome to the Community.

    That is a tricky problem and not one I've encountered as my meds are all in tablet form. I hope that others on here will have ideas that can help. Fingers crossed you get a solution that works.

    If you need help on anything else please raise it on here or take a look at our website. We are all here to help and support each other.

    Best wishes


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    Hi. I don't do biologics, just oral meth and hydroxy but I googled the header of your post and some useful information came up. I'd just add to take a prescription in your hand luggage. Actually, I take all my meds in hand luggage since my hold luggage once went AWOL for a few days. Good luck and enjoy!

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    Hi @TinaA

    There have been quite a few posts here about Lifeinabox portable fridge. It's not cheap at £300 for the unit alone . It's got a 6 hour emergency battery built in and you can also buy a power bank for it. You can buy the complete travel kit direct from the French manufacturer for 475 euros.

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    I bought a Lifeinabox for keeping amgevita syringes cool while away in Spain for10 weeks . It holds 6 syringes and can plug into a car whilst travelling. We have a motorhome so it was perfect for us. I took it to our cabin whilst on the ferry and plugged it in there. I think they make something specifically for air travel, but as we never fly I don't know all the details,. Anyway it's worth a look.

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    Thanks for your comments I'll have a look into 'lifeinabox' but has anyone been through customs with it and if so what happened?

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    I travelled to the carribean from the UK and bought a cooling bag (normally for diabetic equipment) that is small, has space for several syringes and keeps also the swabs etc. It worked perfect over a 10 hour flight Upon arrival straight into the hotel room fridge. Had the necessary letter issued for the airline and customs as may be necessary for the Biologics and carries it in my hand luggage.

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    Thanks for your comments I have a cooling case. Did customs open your coolbag and swap everything in it? As that is what they did with mine, didn't bother to read the letter just tipped everything out!