Arhritis in both knees


Hi everyone, I have o/a in both knees which I have had for sometime. But recently if I have been sat down or driving for sometime , I literally cannot walk the pain and stiffness in the back of my legs from the top of my leg to my calves is absolutely awful. It's that bad if I'm sat in a meeting at work I'm literally embarrassed about standing up. Is this normally?


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    Hi @jasonp nice to meet you.

    That sounds really horrible and quite embarrassing I get it. I was wondering what treatment has been offered to you? Physio? Steroid injections etc.

    When were you diagnosed was it many years ago if so maybe the knee has deteriorated a lot since then and needs a medical person to look at it again?

    In your shoes I think I'd be back at the Drs.

    Good luck

    Toni x

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    Hi @jasonp welcome to the online community.

    I am very glad you've found us we have quite a few members who have Osteoarthritis of the knee, hopefully some of them will come along to share their own experience.

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    Best wishes


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    HI im on meds and had physio, just waiting to see a consultant again but it just doesn't seem right I've never heard anybody with this problem

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    I have arthritis in both knees and really struggle , but I do find how ever hard it is keeping moving helps . When I get up in the morning I can hardly move but once moving it does get easier .
    I use a stick while walking for balance and some days are better than others.

    I joined a mobility and balance class in my village , it has certainly helped my confidence and my stability . It is for older people male or female … do you have one where you live?