Waiting for a hip replacement


Hello my name is Tan!

Im 41 and have lived with Arthritis in my hip for nearly 20 years. I'm a single parent to two teenage boys. 

Im currently on the waiting list to have a hip replacement. I'm looking to find support, advice and any tips on how to manage chronic pain. I work full time and over the past two years it's become more and more difficult to do my job. I'm an active and positive person but recently it's becoming a struggle to block out the pain. 


  • Anna
    Anna Moderator Posts: 971

    Hello @Tan and welcome to the online community,

    You will certainly find advice and plenty of tips on this site - our members all live with arthritis and are very happy to share their experiences and give support.

    Hip replacements is a subject that has been discussed a lot in the community lately, and there are several really good threads you might like to have a look at. Here's one from @Nurina and you'll find plenty of other comments and experiences if you go to the magnifying glass on the top right and type in 'hip replacement'.

    If you've got any questions, just post them on the 'Living with Arthritis' forum (the one you're on now) and I'm sure that someone will be along to answer the.

    Best wishes,


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