Reading about oils to ease pain. As both my shoulders/arms are effected does anyone know of an implement/device I could use that would allow me to apply said oils. Obviously my movements are very restricted.


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    Hello @PfAbLp3M and welcome to our online forum. We are a friendly group and try and help each other out with information and advice.

    I hope some of our members will be able to answer your question from their own experience. I can only add that it may be worth contacting the suppliers of the oils who may have suggestions.

    You may also be interested in this campaign.

    Do keep posting - let us know how you get on and by all means submit more queries.

    Best wishes


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    Caryl. Good to hear from you.

    Supplier cannot help and in your Aids & Adaptations link this deals with much more complex needs than mine.

    I will now scour beauty/chemists/Boots shelves and see if there is anything I can adapt. There must be a long handled beauty tool out there that I could use.


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    Try any disability store or even Amazon for a long handled lotion applicator. Cheap as chips and very effective

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    Thanks Steven. I will certainly investigate your options and……hey ho, I'll fight the pain and investigate skydiving too.

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    When I had two injured shoulders I found it impossible to apply anything to them and eventually came up with this.

    Take purchase of one of those washing up brushes that has a long handle and sponge with scourer on it (you can get ones with replaceable pads as well). Remove the scourer sectiono and hey presto, you can use the sponge bit for applying cream to shoulders and any other area you struggle to get to. Keep it separate from your washing up brush though!

    Depending on the oil you are using it might work if you fill up the handle where your washing up liquid would normally go.

    Sounds silly but it does work and its cheap.