After the pain in my hip gradually got worst I decided to have a x ray, the results were a shock as there wasn't enough wear & tear that may require medical help I must say I feel sorry for the people who have pain enough you have to be in get help. I have tried most of the remedies available but nothing seems to work.


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    I am the same. I had a limp for many months so decided to go for an x-ray. It showed moderate osteoarthritis, but seemingly not bad enough for a hip replacement. Now I cannot put weight on that leg for walking and need a stick. I have wondered if I might have tendinosis, as the symptoms can mimic those of osteoarthritis. I see the physio in ten days time, so will discuss it with her. The pain is at the front of the thigh and groin. It has now spread to my right thigh, which is my good side. I wondered if walking with the stick has put pressure on that side. I also have fibromyalgia. I can stand unaided. It is just walking I have a problem with on my left side.

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    It could happen that someone doesn't have pain with destroyed joints and other lives in a hell of pain with moderate OA. Both are real. It depends on the affected soft tissue around the joints.

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    @shacklock25 it's so different for everyone. I was initially told there were people with really bad X-rays and little pain and others with a good X-ray and in pain. Having had my replacement in December I am now pain free but know that I have to get my muscles working properly as after only a short walk I can still have the groin/front of hip pain/soreness. I deteriorated quickly and I think probably mainly by trying to cope and walk awkwardly just to get about. Definitely leaning on a stick I don't think was helpful but it was necessary.

    I really think your physio is the person to advise. I am sure she will be able to advise. And your fibromyalgia can't be helping you. But making sure you are exercising and walking properly is so important.

    Take care.

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    Hi @Kesback

    I did post a reply this morning but for some reason it's not appeared.

    In November 2022 I was walking along quite happily and suddenly had excrutiating pain in my right hand side which made me double over. The pain continued and I went to the GP and for xrays. Subsequently referred to our local MSK team and spent over an hour in an MRI machine and had an injection before being referred to our local private hospital via NHS choices (paid for by NHS but private treatment).The surgeon there didn't think much of my xrays and MRI's and had some more done last September before announcing that he couldn't see why I was in pain as he couldnt see anything wrong on the right whereas the left, which is pain free, looked quite nasty. I had another injection in November and more xrays in March this year when he agreed that because of the amount of pain I'm in he would give me a new hip. I haven't slept through the night for almost a year, can't sit, stand, lie, walk and use either crutches or a stick. I'm currently using morphine patches and tramadol for pain relief.

    So don't despair when people tell you you can't possibly be in pain, you need to be assertive and make sure they know how much pain you are in and how it affects your life. Hopefully you will get to see a surgeon who, like mine, has understood.

    Good luck

    trish xx

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    In November 22 I was walking along and suddenly had excruciating pain in my right hip that doubled me over. The pain continued I went to the doctors and had xrays and subsequently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip. I was subsequently referred to the MSK and after spending an hour in the mri machine, and an injection, referred to a surgeon.

    The pain got worse and continued

    The Surgeon took more xrays and announced that there appeared to be nothing wrong with my right hip but the left, where I had no pain, was really bad!

    After another injection and more xrays he has agreed i need a new right hip. Although it still doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. Only slightly worse than last xray in October.

    I'm currently on morphine patches and tramadol for pain relief, can't sit, stand, walk or lie down and sleep went out of the window a year ago.

    So yes, you can suffer excruciating pain where nothing shows and no pain where it's bad.

    Surgery will be on May, 18 months after onset of symptoms through NHS choices my physio referred me to a private hospital paid for by the NHS.

    Good luck

    Trish xx