ARTHROSAMID didn’t work for me


sorry to deliver this news but I had ARTHROSAMID last December 2023 in one knee after a year of steroid injections.
It was recommended to me to give it a try- I was aware there was not much data. I paid about £2000 privately at a reputable sports injury clinic. The steroid that was applied at the time was the only relief I had for four weeks- after that …nothing . It has made no difference at all.



  • frogmorton
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    I'm glad you posted this so @casej2 gets a balanced picture of it.

    Personally i will try it when the NHS is providing it. My philosophy has always been, if it does no harm and you can afford it to try it but no way can I afford to spend that much.

    I am so sorry your money has been wasted ((()))

    Toni x

  • JD1
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    I feel your pain @katieBetty. I had Arthrosamid in my right knee in September 2022 and it made absolutely no difference. An expensive lesson but was willing to give anything a try.