Hello all,


I'm new to this community but have had RA for the last 15 years. Was diagnosed at 50, when I had a very painful knee. Was referred to early diagnosis clinic and was put on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and lucky for me my body accepted the drugs and I am still taking them. The knee detorated and 8 years ago i was offered a knee replacement, I thought it wasn't old enough so told surgeon I'd wait. He did say I could go back anytime, I eventually went back 2 years ago and got my new knee.

I'm now having problems with my left hip but have a Rheumy appointment Thursday so will have a chat about it then.

On another point, I was diagnosed with Melonoma 4 years ago, surgery, lymph nodes removed and all ok but still having 6 monthly checks, but wanted to share the fact that the drugs weaken the skin, making it more prone to burning.

I was only told this yesterday at a body check appointment! I was shocked to say the least. So apply factor 50 every day of the year as I have been doing for almost 5 years.

Thank you for letting me join and I look forward to learning more from you all.