I have been newly diagnosed with RA and have been on MTX for 3 months and have already picked up an infection after 2 months requiring antibiotics. How do you all protect yourself from viruses and infections? I will carry on wearing a mask in busy places, but am thinking I am going to have to isolate as much as possible. Because, historically, I caught every bug under the sun when I had a functioning immune system (most of them needing many weeks of convalescence) with MTX in the mix now I think I will have to take myself out of circulation as much as possible.….


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    Hello @smellykat and welcome to the online community.

    I am sorry to hear your concerns about picking up viruses and infections, I assume you have spoken to your doctor/consultant about this ??

    The following link maybe of interest to you.

    I am sure others will connect with you soon.

    Best wishes @Naomi33

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    It'-s àn annoying fact that those of us with immune systems that are attacking our own bodies have to dampen them down, potentially leaving the way open to other infections. After many years of DMARDS I'd say:

    Be fastidious about personal hygienè, especially in shared placès

    Always have your flu and covid jabs plus any others (pneumonia?shingles?) you may qualify for.

    Make it clear to family and friends that, much as you love them, you don't want them near you if they have any colds, coughs, snuffles etc This especially applies to those little germ msgnets ie small children.

    Remember hospitals and health centres have lots of sick people in them. Just because they may look clinically clean doesn't mean to say they are germ free.

    Then enjoy life. It will still be fun!

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