New knee + RA Flare = Bad combination


Nothing is ever straight forward with this wretched decease!

Has anyone here who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis had any issues with a replacement knee joint?

I had a very successful knee replacement over a year ago but have recently been suffering from an RA flare, which also seems to be causing my new knee to feel puffy & heavy, although not overly swollen or red or causing significant pain it has ‘crunched’ a couple of times when going to stand up & just when standing & caused me to stop in my tracks, swear (I’m not usually a swearer] & feels sore afterwards.

It’s ’sods Law’ my husband has booked us both a week away in the Peak District, in a couple of weeks, not that I will be fell walking, but I need my knee to be working well as it has been, until now.

At the moment my RA is affecting my elbow too but my main concern is my new knee that was doing so well. Everyone keeps saying, ‘How can you have arthritis in your knee now it’s been replaced?’ It’s hard to explain how osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis are different, even I struggle to understand why my healthy artificial knee joint is now reacting this way.

I have tried to get an early appointment to see my RA Consultant but nothing heard. My guess is he will not see me until my usual review appointment scheduled for June some time. I’m starting to feel anxious that my knee situation will escalate & am going to struggle to get the Rheumatologist to see me. I think I may be in a bit of a catch 22 situation as I have restarted my biologic meds, (after a break) to help my knee but I’m pretty sure that means no steroid intervention to get me out of this jam. Does anyone have any experience of this?


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    Ouch! I've never experienced this despite 3 TKRs. If you've only recently started flaring perhaps it's due to the gap in meds. But I'd want some expert opinion / diagnosis. If your rheumatologist isn't responding maybe your GP could plead on your behalf or, at least, give some advice. Have you tried your orthopaedic surgeon? How are your latest bloods? Is all OK there? An infection could maybe explain somethinģ. Perhaps an x-ray could throw some light on matters. I wish you good luck. It must be worrying.

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