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hi everyone, I have just found this group and thought I’d join and see if I can get any help from you and maybe have something useful to help others.
im 65yrs old quite fat with a few health issues but a very positive attitude towards life regardless of what it throws at me. A bit of history; I am in permanent AF and only 2 chambers of my heart are pumping, the top two just sit there quivering (can’t be fixed) the consultant thinks a bad electric shock I got some time ago burnt out the signals to the top half of my heart. 4th May 2020 I collapsed and found my bowel had burst in 3 places and I had severe sepsis. I’ll cut it short, I ended up with a stoma and a bag for life, damaged pancreas which means I’m now diabetic too.
I have had arthritic knees for a long time and was due to have new knee in right leg in June 2020 but the bowels spoilt that.
I’ve been back to consultant again to see about new knees but apparently I’m now not a good candidate as my diabetes is not stable, my bmi is too high so I either need to grow to 7’6” or loose 7stone of blubber, I’ve more chance of growing to be honest lol.
my knees are really bad now and the tramadol, ibuprofen, paracetamol cocktails just don’t cut it anymore. I’m looking for help and advice on how to reduce the pain enough to be able to get on with normal everyday life things like walking and working as I’m not giving up anytime soon.
sorry it’s a long post, I promise I’ll try not to bore you all anymore and I’ll try and add a lighter more humorous tone in future. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    Hello @dalethebuilder welcome to the group. Wow you have got a lot of stuff going on there and you must find it very difficult. I'm not able to give any advice regarding you knee arthritis but there are many on here who might be able to. Good luck.